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Brake Pad Set, disc brake ICER 140990

Brake Pad Set, disc brake
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Manufacturer ICER
Code 140990
Product Brake Pad Set, disc brake
Axle Version Front
Brake System Akebono
Brake Type Disc Brake
Height [mm] 58,6
Inspection Tag E9 90R-01109/1033
Length 2 [mm] 137,8
Length [mm] 137,65
Quality 639
Technical Information Number 140990
Thickness [mm] 16,5
Wear Warning Contact incl. wear warning contact
Original codes:
ISUZU 8-97113-888-0
ISUZU 8-987175-531-0
ISUZU 8-97180-525-1
ISUZU 8-97180-525-0
ISUZU 8-97047-526-0
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